Radio Static, Radio Silence

This morning Radio is stripping the headings off my posts (probably messing up the mirror too), and generating this error:

[Macro error: The file "08" wasn't found.]

Guessing that this has something to do with the change of month and the fact that Radio’s been running continually on my desktop through several sleep cycles. I just quit and restarted the server to see if that will help.
…ok, that along didn’t do it. I see that none of my posts today are streaming out to the Salon Blogs server. On a hunch I poked around my www/2002/ folder and saw that there is an 07 (month) folder, but no 08. I created an 08 folder (though I’m sure I shouldn’t have to do that by hand), and now I’m going to see if posting works.
If not, I’ll restart the machine (maybe some handling component crashed overnight). If that fails, I’ll have to get some technical support!