Raven says Salon blogs comprise an ezine that's 'ahead of the curve'

Touching on Matt Drudge, Metafilter, Safire’s privacy alarum, the Orwellian “Illuminati Are Watching You” logo of DARPA, Kriselda, Andrew Bayer, Jan Haugland, Raven writes

[W]e’re all digging deeper than the standard headlines and ferreting out Things of Exceptional Interest that Might Be Overlooked…. The perspectives expressed here are consistently far more insightful and relevant than that, and I’ve also noticed that our collective style has a helluva lot more wit than I’m seeing elsewhere. Most importantly, we’ve got better standards.

Describing Salon blogs as a “collective zine,” Raven goes on to say, “We’ve got fiction, music, world affairs, cuisine, experimental stuff nobody’s ever seen before, sex, alternative, tech news, and it’s all being updated at least once a day. (If I didn’t mention your page above, it’s because there’s too much good stuff here to be exhaustive and I’m just illustrating our range.)”
He also mentions my experiment in using my salonika category as a gathering place for Salon blogs. He didn’t cross-post his entry to his own Salon blogs category, but since I had cleverly subscribed to Raven’s main feed a while back, I saw this piece in my aggregator and thus posted it here, in the traditional “me quoting and linking to another blog entry” mode instead of the semi-automated “interesting posts about Salon blogging here” way.