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When streams become full blogs, whose blogs are they?
So here’s a question for you. As I mentioned previously, I am hoping to turn a channel of this blog into an editorial page for If I get the time and teccy know-how together, I’ll make that channel look like the rest of tuppenceworth’s ugly but triumphantly functional design. I may even try hosting the blog from the tuppenceworth space (although we’ve definitely gone past my technical abilities now).
But what would that mean for that stream’s membership of the Salon blogs community. After all, they would still be postings from this Radio blog. They would be about nothing that the current random flashes that make up the content of my curate’s egg blog now wouldn’t include.
So would tuppenceworth’s editorial page be a part of Salon’s blogs? Or by extension could all of tuppenceworth become a part of the community? Nothing on it would run contrary to the interests of the locals, as so far expressed.
Except I think that it couldn’t be thought of as part of the community. And the best reason I can give at the moment is that it faces another way. Which doesn’t seem very cut and dried. But then I like the grey bits anyway.