Scary Fish

Don’t go in the water!






2 responses to “Scary Fish”

  1. zack Avatar

    I saw a big fish in the sea it (looked like a fish)but it wasn’t a fish but when i went closer it was a fish that had big eyes that were green and the head was off of the body.and the body was 20 feet long!Then i went to call my mom and dad but when i came i came back it was gone! Then my mom thowt that i was crazy and then i saw a line going from the long fish that was there befor and then we follwed the line all the way to the lack and then thay started to belive me and heres what my mom and dad have to say.Yes i saw the line and when i saw the line I all most fanted!That was my mom and hers what my dad has to say.I saw the fish to and I measherd it from the part that looked like the head.It was 20 feet and then I was towtely speachlessssssssss.Thas all i have to say. That was my dad.And thats all i have to say to.

  2. laura Avatar

    its ok but can we beleave you?