Searching subdomains with a Google search box

Aha! I asked the question about non-root level addresses in the Google search box code in the comments on John Robb’s blog and Brian Buck supplied part of the answer: inurl:0001111 rss

This will do a search on Radio Free Blogistan for the keyword rss.

P.S.: The google search operators page — I’ve got this bookmarked.

I’m going to try this now. I think I’ll replace the calendar with it. … Hmm, it’s a little trickier than I first thought. The sample code John supplies gives his domain URL twice. I’m not sure where to invoke the inurl value, but I’ll play around with it and see if I can get it working. Right now I’ve got the sample search box offsite at






One response to “Searching subdomains with a Google search box”

  1. prostistudent Avatar

    try this in your sample search page:
    input type=q value=” inurl:0001111″
    insert the brackets start and finish too, of course.
    the type is set to the same as the initial text taken from the text input, this way when you click submit it appends the ” inurl:0001111″ to the rest of whatever you want to search for (just as if it was typed into the google search box itself).
    I haven’t tested, but imagine you’d need the space before the inurl, as normal search syntax needs it, I think.