Speaking of Actual Radios

Had an odd thought today, probably half-prompted by Oliver Willis’s American Times, a kind of Utne Reader of the blogosphere.
The thought: wouldn’t “Radio Free Blogistan” make a good name for an actual radio show? Say, one hour a week each featuring a different blogger as a guest to talk about their hobbyhorses? Anyone who can come up with fresh ideas and compelling content on a nearly daily basis probably has some interesting projects to talk about or ideas they’d like to push around.
It could either be an on-air radio show (I have no idea how you pitch radio stations or syndication networks) or maybe Internet radio. But Internet radio is dying now, right, because of the exorbitant (?) licensing fees for copyrighted music, right? But what about Internet talk radio? There’s no barrier to that besides the streaming server and bandwidth, right?
Just a thought.