Still Working on Pure CSS Design Templates

I took the generic 3-panel CSS file I derived from a modified version of this site’s new design and set to work converting it to a Blogger template, which is mostly a matter of replacing Radio macros and tags with Blogger-specific tags.
A version of that Blogger template is now being used at mediajunkie: junk mail. Again, this is a pure CSS design with all the style declarations in the HEAD. It should be easy to grab and modify for any Blogger site, just by changing the details of the CSS specs. For this site, I retained certain font and color choices that were a legacy of (a) Mena Trott’s Blogger template, and (b) color and typeface modifications I had already made.
I plan to make a further clone of the basic CSS design, one for Movable Type templates (although I’m as yet not as experienced with the options for thse). As I get them ready, I will make all the templates available and finally write up the tutorial that’s meant to go around them.