Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Suddenly remembered this evening this brand name of some tv thing I wanted real bad at some point as a kid. Never got it. What the hell is it?
A propos of nothing, I hear that in the future there will be no more tombs of the unknown soldier, sailors, marine, merchant marine, coast guard, what have you. It’s the DNA.
Last non sequitur: hauled my g4 out back today and did my writing sitting on the deck with the cat lazing in the shade of a potter nearby. Amazingly productive, I smelled the lilacs and drank in the fresh air and sun. The screen was OK to see. I’m definitely doing this again tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.






2 responses to “Super Elastic Bubble Plastic”

  1. Child of the 70s Avatar
    Child of the 70s

    Super Elastic Bubble Plastic:
    This was a rainbow-coloured, plyable,
    polymer goo (like plastic bubble gum)
    that was marketed to kids in the late 1970s.
    It came in a squeezable tube resembling
    contact cement or other noxious chemicals,
    and equipped with a little red straw for
    The concept: Squeeze out a blob of this
    stuff, roll it into a ball, and stick it on
    the end of the straw. Then blow through
    the straw to inflate the stuff. After it
    inflated, it was supposed to dry into a
    shell ball that you could toss around.
    It rarely worked, and probably just served
    to make a mess in the carpet where the stuff
    inevitably ended up.

  2. chi Avatar

    super elastic bubble plastic was terrific fun! the bubbles werent durable at all so they broke easily but they could be played with a little bit unlike real bubbles which pop and cant be played with at all. the colors were fabulous! very pretty. i think it was taken off the market because kids were huffing the fumes. d’oh!