Throttle Off

Aha! So paying for a Salon Blog entitles you to 40 meg, it appears, and the 10 meg allocation was tied to the trial period I surmise. Hit my page just now and saw it was up-to-date. Checked my internal home page and saw that it now has 40 meg, 75% available (so somehow I do seem to have written 10 meg in less than a month).
I guess that means I could go four months without having to arrange for additional or alternative hosting space. Since so many of my technical problems of the last few days seem to have been related to my scraping so close the the ceiling, which prevented updates from upstreaming, I hope next time around I plan my Houdini act a little further in advance.
It’s interesting how blog problems affected my mood yesterday and this morning. I have become dependent on this easy ability to express myself without delay. A lot of what blogging as a form uncorked was that pent of frustration with nitty-grit in the web-publishing process. Small tedia add up, causing inefficient process to scale badly. Not just badly: egregiously, eventually prohibitively. (That’s four adverbs in a row for those scoring at home.)
When technical problems throttle back the freedom to spout, it is like a bruise to the psyche. One hears similar comments from Blogger users about occasional time-outs or server problems over there. It defeats the purpose of a blog if you can’t use it on demand. I found myself thinking, I have other blogs. But still, I’m devoting so much of my attention to this one right now, that it didn’t feel right to be prevented from updating.
I’m sure when my next paid writing project gets going, it will be harder to blog at whim. But that will be my problem to deal with, not yours.