To the Finland Station!

New design up at Radio Free Blogistan, inspired by a chance remark from Andy Stafford about Constructivists or Futurists (I forget, exactly, but it conjured up an image for me) that led to a six to eight hour alpha flow session mostly in Fireworks, massaging a collage together from some found imagery and a personal stockpile.
Somehow, magically, it fit the new CSS box design I was putting together. The background image is large (though at least Ryan Shaw from webdesign-l optimized it down for me from over 200k to around 100 for me) but I think the page is legible with just the background color, if a bit generic-looking.
Others who have looked at it reminded me to put the div for the blog entries before the one for the navigation block! Now lynx users can read the blog without waiting through 80 lines of navigation cruft. It’s still probably not a model of accessible design.
Feedback welcome!