Freudian Typos (Recursive)

Scanning my headlines page just now I noticed for the first time an inadvertantly suggestive error* (what I’ve called in the past a Freudian typo):

Gnosis Coints Masturblogging

Put aside for the moment the philosophy-major angle that I am masturblogging right now by linking to my post about the word masturblogging.
Ignore my oh-so-clever James Joyce by way of Lewis Carroll quibble in the comments to that post.
No, instead look instead at the mistake. I wrote “Coints” instead of “Coins.” Students of poetry will know about traditional puns on “your quaint charms” and like that. The curious can look up coynt in the OED.
So, do I fix it?

* Layer upon layer: I mistype error the first time ‘erros’,