TopStyle Blog Information

Not working on Windows most of the time lately, I haven’t had a chance to try TopStyle yet. I wish they’d port it to OS X!
Anyway, I went from some blog to the Eatonweb portal and then through the TopStyle text ad where, after reading press-release type information about using TopStyle with Dreamweaver MX, I followed a link for TopStyle blog and learned that they’ve built a blog into TopStyle to send out news and updates.
So, another business-oriented use of a blog, and one or more implied professional (if not dedicated*) bloggers. You can also read the TopStyle blog in your browser:

Did you know that a blog is built into TopStyle Pro 3.0?
A blog (short for “web log”) is simply a frequently-updated web site which “logs” other sites of interest. The TopStyle Blog is updated every weekday with links of interest to web authors.
To access this blog from within TopStyle Pro 3.0, just click the “TopStyle News” button in the View Bar (shown below). You can also view the TopStyle Blog in your web browser.