Tweney Understanding Weblogs

Dylan Tweney has summarized some of the recent thinking on weblogs (overlapping with many of the recent links posted here) in an article in which he also discusses realizing the personal knowledge-management benefits of keeping a weblog:

In other words, I realized that a weblog could be a useful tool for personal knowledge management as well as for public communication. Because it’s so easy to create and update a weblog — the characteristic that has made blogging boom in the past year — it’s an ideal information capture device. Whenever you come across something interesting online, you can easily drop a link, a quote, and/or a comment into your weblog, and move on. You may never return to it, but it’s there if you ever want to look it up again. Same with passing thoughts: Just jot them in the weblog.

I agree that we need to see better forms of archival, retrieval, and organization. Either searching needs to get really smart, or some aiding for of taxonomy building has to help organize weblog entries by relationship. Just capturing knowledge or references is only half the battle.