Unimpressing the Natives of Blogistan

This blog is semi-reviewed in A Geographical Guide to Blogistan, starting from the memewatch category (Ann Coulter does Google?), then to metablog, and finally finding RFB. The reviewer doesn’t seem to understand what Radio categories are, which is something to worry about, because you can’t expect someone stumbling onto one part of your blog to intuitively know the history or navigation of the blog.
Regardless of the perspective, the reviewer considers this the worst type of blog, with links he/she has already seen before and not enough original commentary. Another province heard from.
I really don’t expect anyone to understand why memewatch tends to track metablog here at a blog that’s (maily) about blogging. Or to care that there is a memewatch site where other memes besides those related to blogs are tracked (or would like to be).
That’s part of the cost of doing iterative works-in-progress in public. I’m willing to accept that price, since the alternative for me is incubating things in private with no feedback and trapped by some form of procrastination crossed with perfectionism.
The reviewers also states that most Salon blogs are bad but then praises Dreaming of China and Reverse Cowgirl, while fairly gushing over Scott’ Rosenberg’s professional take on blogging.
A number of interesting observations about other blogs round out the page. Worth reading, even for someone like me who obviously would disagree with at least part of it.
OK, now I’m running late.