what the hell is 'AOL Scheduler'

OK, I admit it: sometimes I’m a paranoid ignoramus, willing to assume the worse. My Mac has been crashing a lot lately. And when rebooting just now I noticed that one of the extensions was AOL Scheduler. What the hell is that? I don’t run AOL software, I don’t use Netscape except hardly ever (too bad), and I don’t use AIM…






7 responses to “what the hell is 'AOL Scheduler'”

  1. Tom Becella Avatar
    Tom Becella

    How do I get rid of the AOL Scheduler?
    Tom B.

  2. Sandra Borah Avatar
    Sandra Borah

    What is it and why do I need it? How do I get rid of it?

  3. angel Avatar

    Yes, tell me, what is aol scheduler and how do i get rid of it. I also have a mac and has been crashing a lot lately.

  4. Mike Moss Avatar
    Mike Moss

    Aol spyware is causing my pc to crash, I must get rid of it but how, do I have to stop my aol account to do this. This is a real nightmare every thing was fine until this reared its ugly head.

  5. mike Avatar

    i want to get rid of this program because it crashes my computer please tell me how thanks

  6. patty Avatar

    how do I get rid of aol scheduler?

  7. turban0715 Avatar

    The aol schedulaer has caused nothing but grief. I have found that there are emails waiting to be sent because of this crap. What do I do!!!! to get rid of AOL scheduler.