Writer's log

I feel that one of the things I’d like to be “logging” is the start, milestone-reaching, or conclusion of any of my writing projects.
For example, today I completed the first draft of a review of The Deadhead’s Taping Addendum (PepperTonic, 2002) for the upcoming issue of Dead Letters Magazine, a scholarly (believe it or not) journal devoted to discussion of the Grateful Dead and related phenomena.






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    A writer does not nessesairly write all their books with the same genere, but they do write all their books in the same style. So if you hate books that make you fightened, do not think that all the other books by that author make you frightened. But if you hate books that use the old english style, do not expect to like the other books by that author, although there are some authors that enjoy switching off, or it could perhaps be a younge author, who is not yet sure what style he/she wants to use.