Zaphod's Idée Fixe

Wow, I guess Dave must have run over this (anonymous) guy’s kitten some time, to make him dedicate his life to stalking and attacking him. It’s amusing how the criticism we blurt out about other people often seem to be projections of our own personalities.
Here’s where I think the anti-Winer crowd is off-base:

We missed the initial publishing of a review comparing MovableType with Radio. Nice job, it’s quite informative.
We admit we missed it’s inital publishing but Dave’s whining about it called us to action.

This is funny and ironic. You only heard about my humble review because of your obsession with Dave. Maybe you’re in love?

Had Dave not bothered taking his usual tone; attacking anyone that dares to be critical of his products, we would surely have missed such a nicely done bit of work.

I beg to differ. I don’t feel that Dave was attacking me at all. He presented a spirited defense of his own product (quite reasonable) and brought out some oversights of mine. You of all people should understand the role of give-and-take in the blogosphere

As is typical, Dave can’t simply let things rest and evolve.

You could be describing your instant and voluminous presence in my comment logs

He has to immediately blurt out something that vindicates his product while making subtle attempts to undermine the credibility of the reviewer.

I don’t see that at all. I feel that Dave has treated me with respect. I don’t see him undermining my credibility. If he wanted to do that he could ignore me. His links in ScriptingNews have generated the bulk of my traffic.