A brief history of sexblogs

A month or so ago, Debra Hyde wrote a piece for Yes Portal called Sexblogs: Observations from an Early Adopter. In it, she recounts her own experiences, starting a sex blog (or journal as we probably would have called it then) called Pursed Lips just before the advent of Blogger. There’s a touch of regret that her own offerings may have been relatively overlooked, but Hyde’s memory of that time tracks with my own.
I also believe that one of the precursor’s of today’s blog were the what’s new page or journal page that was part of most prepackaged porn sites (and probably still is) when they first started proliferating.
She points to our own Reverse Cowgirl’s blog‘s bustout success as a watershed in the story of sexblogs. Susannah’s cred, she says, comes because she walks the walk:

Susannah Breslin’s site steps into the porn arena…. [S]he strolls the most sex-saturated streets in America. (She has the pictures to prove it.)