About the new name

Someone, I’ll have to look it up,* in the last century called politics “the art of the possible.” I want to focus on positive things that can be done or addressed, and not a project of demonizing 50% or more of America for being selfish or deluded or whatever. If anyone is deluded it’s the left.
I also want to reclaim the word liberal, hence the subtitle. Call me a liberal. Bring it on. I defy “anti-idiotarians” to defend their illiberal biases.
Conservative is a word that means many things to many people. There are conservative impulses in all of us, often entirely justifiable, especially when trying to protect one’s family, one’s tribe, one’s own well being. We need to work with these impulses and not try to deny them. The left is in denial, folks.
But in my mind, the only good conservative is a liberal conservative.
* R.A. Butler (thank Google).