Continued reorganization

Now, to the mediajunkie project. First, a friend set up a phpnuke installation, but I never got around to priming the pump. Then, in a fit of frustration I set up a Blogger (later Pro) weblog in February of last year called at first Media Junk and later Bite Media, except it always kept morphing into political links and occasional commentary, mostly half-assed, with the rare media meme or metamedia comment sprinkled in when I could muster it or lie down in the face of it, as the case may be.
So, on the technical front, last night I migrated Bite Media from Blogger to Movable Type, following the MT instructions. Aside from some weirdnesses probably associated with Dano (interface stuff, I’ll explain later) everything seemed to work out just fine. It’s up there now with the default MT template till I get a chance to think about the design or hire Sekimori or Gwen Harlow or Jenn Wilde to do a design for me.
I also decided to turn it into a purely political weblog, and I changed the name. It’s now called The Art of the Possible. I did no due diligence. If there’s a warblogger or pinkoblogger or someone else using that name, I’ll reconsider the name. My new description (aka tagline, motto, subtitle, etc.) is Proud to be a Liberal. Put that in your crack pipe, W., and smoke it.
If I do media criticism, I’ll park it somewhere else, like on Bite Media or, hell, why not in a paying publication. I’m Gumby, dammit!
Meanwhile, Mediajunkie also hosts Jeff’s Spleen and (the somewhat backburner-y, unfortunately) Hellmouth, with more conspirators coming online in the near future, one would hope.
Ultimately, I’d like the mediajunkie front page to feature a long-form essay and headlines from in-house bloggers and other interesting sources. I should shamelessly copy The Morning News‘s “user experience,” as we like to say in the oops everybody knows how to do the web now so what am I going to do for a living now, go back to painting or playing in my band most of the guys are married now and have kids profession.
Meanwhile, I’ve got Radio on autopilot reposting a majority of my subscribed feeds to the front page. That’s a temporary solution. When I come up with something better, I’ll probably point Radio elsewhere. I look forward to reading Rogers’ Kick Start book and coming up with some funky automagic stuff with Radio, probably cutting across all my domains.
OK, I’m off to New York. Keep the pie bubbling till I get back, nechomancers!