Ah, moved

This blog is now at xian.typepad.com, and it’s just a sandbox right now. If anything comes of it, I’ll point a custom domain this way (xianlandia.com isn’t doing much).
Possible uses in mind:

  1. Photoblog. Not a Photo album, but a blog of just photos. Each entry one photo, etc.
  2. A demo blog for my Seybold seminar in September in San Francisco.
  3. xian.typepad.com/independents_for_dean
  4. that’s all I got so far. The last thing I need right now, frankly, is another blog. Then again, the trick is to think of something you’re not capturing that you’d like to be. Plant a stake and allow it to gather to itself an accumulation of related ideas. If it ends up being useful for you it will probably be useful for other people (unless it’s pure therapy, and even then – debatable).

Things I don’t want to use TypePad for:

  1. Blogging about blogging
  2. Blogging about TypePad
  3. Yes, I know I’m violated (1) and (2) this instant.
  4. Random driblets
  5. World domination

Also, since I opted for the Plus level (2), I can only host three blogs here at this domain, which means probably one or more of the names that I’ve used so far will have to thrown over the side. They are all pretty random and whimsical. Linotype off of TypePad and trying to go for a touch of class, as if old-fashioned typography standards were to be observed. Note the absolutely generic design!
Then there was Plate o’ Shrimp, which may or may not have been intended as a blog about me learning about FOAF or a blog about writing about coincidences, but is really neither aside from a wide-wale fashion nightmare. It’s a funny name but is it that funny? Would it work for a photoblog? Uh…
Lastly there was Mr. Spontaneous, a title for a comic book a friend and I were once talking about doing. I tried to use it to make a group blog for three of the funniest people I know, but the group blog feature was limited to beta testers during the test period and to Pro users in this dawning new commercial era, plus I can make infinite group blogs with my Movable Type installation, so if I really want a jamboree there you go. Maybe Mr. S. will be the photoblog, and I’ll kill plate o’. I’ll export any entries if worth keeping.
I’ve already broken any links to linotype.blogs.com (unless I beg Ben to put a permanent redirect at the old address at least until someone else want to actually pay to use it) so it’s a little late to worry about the permanence of every snapshotty instant of time on the Web.






One response to “Ah, moved”

  1. Ross Mayfield Avatar

    I have broken every promise I made to myself about what not to blog about (blogs, politics). Guess its better to make promises about what to blog about.