All Jon Ames all the time

It’s a small web but I wouldn’t want to paint it. Yesterday I get notifed that Jonathan Ames, a friend from way back, will be appearing on David Letterman (again) tonight (Wednesday, July 30).
In that message he also mentioned that his website has been updated (I liked his old Flash animation, though) and that when doing a Diary recently for Slate, he’d claimed that the “Williamsburg Bank Building was the most phallic builder [he’d] ever seen,” and that he was therefore inviting people to send him pictures of potentially more phallic buildings.
I hope someone sent him Coit Tower.
Next thing I know, there’s an item in Gawker about the contest (via Page Six, no less), posted by the nanopublication’s editor Elizabeth Spiers, whose personal blog has moved from its old name (Capital Influx) and location (blogspot) to the mighty Mediajunkie web server I maintain in my copious free time.
Elizabeth was also able to drop into my whirlwind week in New York on short notice when Jonathan managed to duck out on a lunch planned nearly a week in advance!
Anyway, I liked the name Capital Influx, but at least she kept the color scheme and she’s actually posting there a lot, when had kind of dried up in the wake of Gawker.
I set the VCR to tape Jon on Letterman.