Migrating from LiveJournal to Movable Type

Having migrated a weblog (this one) from Radio to Movable Type and another from Blogger Pro to Movable Type, my next migration project has been to get my old bodega weblog migrated over from LiveJournal to Movable Type, and imported into my X-POLLEN blog.
The definitive resource for LJ to MT conversion is Amanita’s explanation. I had to install a few perl modules, which I found kind of scary, but it wasn’t all the bad, and in the end I was able to get all my LJ blog entries imported (
Memory transplants). I put all the entries in a new category called bodega, but eventually I may recategorize some, or use multiple category assignments, to integrate the new/old entries more thoroughly.
Since must of bodega predated RFB, it was my main blog outlet for about six months, and it contains a lot of entries, more than any other X-POLLEN category by far.
Next I’ll be working my back through a few other online journal attempts, some more successful than others, using Blogger, Diaryland, and a hand-rolled approach I started with in 1997. The Blogger migration will be easy. It’s only about four entries and I’ve now done several Blogger-to-MT migrations.
Diaryland may be trickier. First I’ll have to see if I can export the entries at all. Then I’ll have to massage them into MT format. Same deal with the static journal: I’ll be doing some global search-and-replace to get things formatted for import.
More progress reports as I try out each step.






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  1. ~Markus Avatar

    You may be interested in a script I wrote for exporting diaryland to MT: