All things must pass

In my blog book (still looking for a publisher, note), I tried to address the whole weblog lifecycle, from setup and launch, through the daily routine of writing the blog and occasionally reorganizing it, down to how to end a blog. Yes, stop blogging.
Some blogs die. They are attached to a project that has run its span or their writer loses interest or has to attend to higher priorities. This is not a problem. Not everything is worth continuing. Nothing lasts forever. Death is a part of life, and so on.
Thomas Spencer wrote last month about ending his Thinking It Through blog in Stop the Blog – I Want to Get Off. The Reverse Cowgirl stopped and nuked her hugely popular blog (still No. 2 or 3 in the Salon Blog alltime rankings, I believe). Rogers Cadenhead and a few others maintain the Fucked Weblog site to take note of ended and abandoned blogs.
It’s all compost, baby.

UPDATE: Corrected mistaken URL for Fucked Weblog.






5 responses to “All things must pass”

  1. Evan Wired Avatar
    Evan Wired

    Um, that link to Fucked Weblog does not go to anything that even remotely looks like a weblog.

  2. filchyboy Avatar

    Yea among the literate mefi’s that would be called not fit for work! (I’m off the hook though as I get paid to look at pr0n)

  3. xian Avatar

    Oops! My bad. I fixed the URL. Sorry about that.

  4. Rogers Cadenhead Avatar

    Be careful, Xian! Using words such as “nothing lasts forever. Death is a part of life, and so on” tripped my fucked weblog detector. I’m glad it was a false positive.

  5. xian Avatar

    Rogers, don’t the Tibetans say that all life is a preparation for death! No need to duck the inevitable in advance.
    Hey, my FrontPage book is out. Which means my site needs to be up. Oops. I will add a link to your book’s site when I get it up there, after I steal all your ideas.