Almost ready for TiVo

Screwed up taping the first half of Daniel Deronda Sunday night. These VHS tapes hold so little at the high-quality speeds. Juggling the incoming TV stream is becoming unmanageable. So far I’ve managed to avoid cable except when I was rooting for Jerry Brown on the road to the whitehouse in ’91 and ’92. Now, we’d need cable or a DirectTV-type satellite to make TiVo work, right? and it needs a phonejack to download the schedule? I have to study the pricepoints, think about this.






One response to “Almost ready for TiVo”

  1. don Avatar

    Nope. You can use Tivo from something as basic as standard TV (with rabbit ears antenna), cable, or Sat.
    Yes, you need a phone hook-up to download the schedules for the older models. Newer modules can download over the internet. (You can also modify older models to do this as well)
    Go for it! I am no longer a slave to the VHS tape! Letterman for breakfast! John Stewart whenever!