Annotated Blogistan Pie

Yes, I would call it an obsession. I have added a series of clarifying (or obfuscating, as the case may be) hyperlinks to the worst song parody to come along since Being for the Benefit of Mr. Tim, Revolution is not an AOL Keyword, or even We Didn’t Start the Weblogs.






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  1. The Agora Avatar

    What Xian Hath Wrought

    We Didn’t Start The Weblogs
    You aren’t going to thank me, but here are a few more.

  2. This Pirate Kills Fascists Avatar

    I Sing The Blogistan Electric

    Here’s this pirate’s entry into the Blog Herald challenge. Words are from xian of RFB, slightly altered by me. Yeah, it’s 8 minutes long. And stick with it, because the first verse is the weakest… got your iPod ready? Listen