Announcing monolog

So Dan asks me if there’s any way he can keep up with my blog postings all in one place, instead of scattered over numerous sites depending on whether it’s a journal entry, something to do with the arts, political, random and briefly noted, or experimental (I’m probably forgetting something).
Well, now there is. It still needs work, but I’ve converted the domain over so that its home page is something I call monoblog, a complete recent listing of my blog posts, at least those hosted here at Mediajunkie/Open Publishing (that is, not including experiments over at TypePad or my one remaining Blogger-managed weblog, Uncle John’s Blog).
There’s no syndicated feed for monoblog yet, but it’s a step in the right direction if you want your one-stop xian online blather shopping.
UPDATE: Changed the name to monolog for better punability.





One response to “Announcing monolog”

  1. liza Avatar

    it’s like a drug, isn’t it?
    all this writing and seeing it go up immediately
    are you using the otherblog plug-in?
    i have it yet haven’t tried it but gotta do it soon
    that is blog