Being a black blogger

Dropping by Uppity-Negro, I learned of an ongoing discussion of black identity in the blogosphere that gets into a fairly sophisticated analysis of how A-List bloggers suck up memeshare in their perceived demographic.
As with gay bloggers, as a formal outsider I generally don’t feel like it’s my place to discuss postulated subgrouping of bloggers around some fact or perception of identity. That is, if someone identifies themselves as a gay blogger, they can tell me what that means to them. For me to say, hey, I’ve noticed a lot of gay bloggers at Salon, or even, I wonder if Andrew Sullivan’s success as a blogger has raised the level of interesting in blogging among some group of media savvy gay folk who are aware of his writing?
Likewise, I’ve found I have little or nothing of value to add to the controversy over on touched off by a clash between Al Barger and Mac Diva over a racial analysis of Friends, the long-running TV situation comedy.
So, anyway, be sure to also check out ‘cyberspace’ my black ass! and formulate your own thoughts about identity and blogging.






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  1. Negro, Please Don't Hurt 'Em! Avatar

    it’s a blog thing, you wouldn’t understand

    my thoughts can best be portrayed in a soliloquy from…

  2. Dru Blood - The Deep Politics of Everyday Life Avatar

    More on the whole concept of race in the blogosphere

    Don’t read this link if you don’t want you head, as Jason and Aaron would say (I’m not sure who came up with it first) to “go all splodey.” For further splodeyness, just read the trackbacks from cobb’s post. Also…

  3. Cobb Avatar

    The Mystery of the Black Blogger

    There is a deeper question implied by the black blogger question. But that devolves back to the simple question: What does it mean to be black and stand up and say what you believe? I’ll get to that after I dispatch with a few other things.