Being a black blogger

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Dropping by Uppity-Negro, I learned of an ongoing discussion of black identity in the blogosphere that gets into a fairly sophisticated analysis of how A-List bloggers suck up memeshare in their perceived demographic.
As with gay bloggers, as a formal outsider I generally don’t feel like it’s my place to discuss postulated subgrouping of bloggers around some fact or perception of identity. That is, if someone identifies themselves as a gay blogger, they can tell me what that means to them. For me to say, hey, I’ve noticed a lot of gay bloggers at Salon, or even, I wonder if Andrew Sullivan’s success as a blogger has raised the level of interesting in blogging among some group of media savvy gay folk who are aware of his writing?
Likewise, I’ve found I have little or nothing of value to add to the controversy over on touched off by a clash between Al Barger and Mac Diva over a racial analysis of Friends, the long-running TV situation comedy.
So, anyway, be sure to also check out ‘cyberspace’ my black ass! and formulate your own thoughts about identity and blogging.