Best new blog name

Seems to be a salonika Friday for me, when I should be taking screenshots for my long overdue Chapter 9 of (yes, they just told me I can mention it in public, wait for it…) FrontPage Savvy, but more on that another time.
Best named new notable Salon blog has to be Why Your Wife Won’t Have Sex with You. Best of all, it really does address this topic in a serious, knowing, but down-to-earth way. Could be great therapy for repressed couples worldwide.
The blog’s author, Julia Deckham Grey, also features religious news and folly in a category called ‘The Nine Billion Links of God.’ reminiscent of the classic Arthur C. Clarke short story (I think it was, right?).
Has the Cowgirl given her her props yet? She would rate a link for the name alone, but I think Susannah would like the whole package (hmreh).