Beth, I hear you calling

Scot Hacker asks the musical question, What was your first record?
My older sister had the Partridges record he depicts (as well as a few others – all of them?), but the first record I bought myself was Kiss Destroyer, an LP that by pure coincidence was given to me for my birthday last week, years after I had sold it to the Princeton Record Exchange along with all my other Kiss albums out of embarassment (a decision I later regretted, of course, both for the irony value of the Kiss LPs as well as out of shame for denying my own roots).






2 responses to “Beth, I hear you calling”

  1. firecracker Avatar

    Wow… good question, I can’t remember if it was the Village People album or my copy of the Dukes of Hazzard album… yes, there was an album. ;)

  2. Philip Avatar

    Ten Years After… Stonedhenge 1968… Feeling old