New contributors at RFB

Please join me in welcoming four new contributors to Radio Free Blogistan:

All have written extensively about weblogging on their own blogs and all have graciously consented to join my newly formed writing staff here at RFB. I’ll post brief bios soon and you can expect to see some changes to the site’s design to reflect both the addition of new authors and a general moving away of Blogistan from being yet another xian site to a group weblog focused “like a laser” on weblogging, microcontent, nanopublishing, syndication, and related topics.
I’m very excited about this transition. In some ways RFB will be a little more like a webzine and a little less like a blog, although we’ll still be using the weblog format (both short, spontaneous entries for the most part, and the classic most-recent-posting-first structure).
For the time being I’m not contemplating adding further contributors. Let’s see how the site digests the new blood first (weird creepy mixed metaphor, huh?). However, the offer still stands for me to syndicate your headlines if you have a weblog-specific category on your blog with its own RSS feed or if you publish a metablog (a blog about blogging). If so, send me the feed’s URL, I’ll check it out, and if it looks like it will add value to the readers here, I’ll add it to the sidebar.
I’ll probably be removing some of the more personal information and links from the sidebar here, reorganizing what’s left, and adding further weblog-related resources. As always, expect the design changes to roll out incrementally and be sure to tell me if you like or hate any of the changes. This is the web, so we can always change it again later.






4 responses to “New contributors at RFB”

  1. Rayne Avatar

    Thanks, xian, this should be an educational and fun opportunity! Look forward to blogging with you, gang!

  2. filchyboy Avatar

    I’m still freaking out about the whole geek/CMS chops thingy…

  3. Andrew Bayer Avatar

    The geek part, I had no problem with. But the CMS part? It took me a while to remember what it meant, and then realize that xian was referring to my hacking around with MT. Definitely overrating my capabilities, though. =)

  4. xian Avatar

    Well, I’ve exchanged much email with filchyboy over the last yhear comparing notes on various content-management solutions and he’s done some pretty clever things using multiple weblog tools.
    And Andrew, don’t disparage your hackery. A lot of nontechnical people read this blog and by that standard you’re practically an ubergeek. In fact, I’m hoping you’ll add a clone of the multiauthor weblog tool to your amphetadesk-to-MT hack so I can get beyond Radio’s constant timing out, freezing, and inexplicable refusal to update my Mediajunkie blog. Bonus points if it can route feeds to different categories.