Bitchy sells

Susan Mernit has an interesting theory about why there are so many more men than women in the lists of most linked-to blogs. Men are more willing, she says, to be opinionated and controversial:

Guys rant on about politics, a topic the news junkies love. Women strive to be smart and insightful, but except for Elizabeth Spiers, seem leery of being bitchy – and bitchy sells. [Susan Mernit’s Blog: Navigating the Info Jungle]






2 responses to “Bitchy sells”

  1. Rayne Avatar

    Thanks, xian, I missed Mernit’s take on this. I’ll have to Technorati this meme and see what else I’ve missed.

  2. Philip Avatar

    Susan’s link is busted… [Thanks, I’ll try to fix it – probably a Blogger problem -ed.]
    I blog roll what I like never actually thought about male or female. 1/3 of my links go to blogs written by a woman. 1 link to a husband wife team and the rest are guys.
    I don’t read the top 100 (whose top 100?) with any frequency.