Blog legends endorse Gnomedex tee

I am sad that I can’t make it to Gnomedex this year. As I told my friends going to the High Sierra Music Festival last weekend, it’s bound to be a great time because whenever I skip a year or don’t go to some event I was planning to go to, it always turns out to be the best time ever!
Maybe I can get a t-shirt that says “My blogfriends went to Gnomedex and all they brought me back was this lousy t-shirt.” A series of near-famous webloggers already seems to have endorsed this season’s sartorial must have, including one Mark Kanter, who is quoted thusly:

I’ll wait for someone else to review it, and then quote them heavily in my blog – which has an impossible URL to remember.






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  1. Chris Pirillo Avatar

    Death to the infidels!