Blogger transition

If you have a blog at Blogger, you may have noticed some instability lately. It appears that the Pyra team at Google is in the process of switching most blogs over to “Dano” the beta of the new version of Blogger. Your interface will change and you’ll need to update your bookmarklets. There’s lots more info available at and in the help pane of the new interface.
If your blog hasn’t switched over yet, just sit tight. It will soon. You may notice its happened when your bookmarklet stops working.
I paid for Blogger, so my blogs over there were in the Pro interface, so I guess I’m seeing the Pro side of the new interface mainly. (I keep a separate non-Pro account for research purposes.) So poke around yourself to see what’s different.
One thing I did notice is that if you had your RSS (shit! I said it again) syndication feed enabled in Pro, it’s been turned off. You’ll need to manually enable it again, which probably forces a rebuild of the new valid RSS template (still not customizable at first glance).