BlogPulse automates trendspotting

Yet another memetracking site keyed into the blogosphere is the still-in-beta BlogPulse, which identifies key phrases (usually of two words or more) – as well as topics, people, and links – that are appearing most often in tracked weblogs each day.
I’m not sure how they determine what’s a topic and what’s a people, but they use something called Intelliseek to do it.
However it works, the key people listing is kind of fun. Here’s today’s:

  1. President Bush
  2. Wesley Clark
  3. Howard Dean
  4. Dick Cheney
  5. Bill Clinton
  6. Paul Krugman
  7. John Ritter
  8. Defense Secretary Donald H . Rumsfeld
  9. David Bowie
  10. Michael Moore
  11. Colin Powell
  12. Yasser Arafat
  13. John Ashcroft
  14. John Edwards
  15. Gray Davis
  16. David Blaine
  17. Milton Friedman
  18. Harry Potter
  19. Anna Lindh
  20. Minister Tony Blair
  21. John Kerry
  22. Johnny Depp
  23. Christiane Amanpour
  24. Bill Gates
  25. Kevin Drum
  26. Jesus Christ
  27. Dave Barry
  28. Al Gore
  29. Stephen King
  30. Ben Affleck
  31. Karl Rove
  32. Jennifer Lopez
  33. John Burns
  34. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  35. Ann Coulter
  36. Jack Sparrow
  37. Britney Spears
  38. Mark Steyn
  39. Tim Russert
  40. David Kay

Of course, some of these – such as Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter, Ann Coulter, and Britney Spears – are fictional characters.