Wm. Gibson suspends blog to write novel

True to his word, William Gibson has taken a hiatus from blogging to focus on his next novel. This interests me because I have ongoing fiction and other narrative projects of my own and I can’t figure out if I’m in the Cory Doctorow school of composting ideas in a blog or the William Gibson school of keeping a lid on the stockpot so it can get up to the boiling point.
If nothing else, blogging certainly competes for time and attention with other efforts, writing or no. Plus, the instant gratification may tend to short-circuit the delayed gratification that may be necessary to complete longer coherent works. I’m no expert on discipline and I take forever to complete fiction and even longer essays, so I’m still trying to figure this out. As fun – and important to me – as blogging is, I’d halt it in a moment if I determined it was preventing me from completing other forms of writing.