Bruised my esophagus

If life were supposed to be fair I suppose I could complain the arbiter or ombudsmand that it’s completely unfair for me to have contracted yet another nasty flu within one month’s time. Then again, the answer might come back that I was just too happy in New Orleans and this is my punishment now. Problem is, I have a lot of work piled up because of my little escapade and it’s hard to do it when you’re flat on your back, sweating the nile, or coughing so convulsively that you end up straining the muscles in your upper chest and slamming the inside of your throat so hard that it hurts to swallow or talk.
Yesterday I spent a lot of time leaning over with my weight on my arms just to allow my upper body to relax a little. This morning I feel a little less sick but my neck is still a wreck. And tomorrow I have to jump feet first into an information architecture project while still keeping up with my book deadlines. Oh joy.






One response to “Bruised my esophagus”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    And yet you are posting! Intestinal fortitude, that’s m’boy!
    (Hope you feel better soon).