California quarter vote

semibearHey, why are we letting out-of-staters choose our California Quarter Design?
semibearSome of these are hilarious. Apparently Davis will pick one from the top 5 vote getters.






5 responses to “California quarter vote”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    No gold miners! No bridges!

  2. Lew Avatar

    How much do you want to bet that all those people voting for #13 had NO IDEA what they were looking at until they viewed the enlarged image? We are not voting on a design for an 8″ wall plaque, ya know. It’s going to be a quarter!
    All hail the ugly and boring California Quarter!

  3. The hangman Avatar
    The hangman

    After observing the poll results for the past week, it seems that without a doubt, that the poll has been compromised by a single person or a group, and is thus invalid. I for one feel that there is nothing wrong with a miner representing California’s heritage. Coin #7 depicts the world’s largest tree stump along with a pair of what seems to be humans. The other trees look like they are dying. #3 on the other hand, has a great bear and Half Dome from Yosemite. It is a good looking coin and frankly doesn’t need the help of people setting up a program to burn every other coin choice. In the spirit of fairness, I think that both 3 and 7 should be penalized and thrown into the trashbin of history. Tough luck, but cheaters never prosper

  4. Ariles Avatar

    can the schools at Clifornia make a contest for the vote?

  5. mike Avatar

    this suck/is not fair I want to voe and win not let some one else choose