Craig of Craigslist now blogging (yea!)

Craig Newmark’s Blog, aka “craig blog,” is up and running. Instant A-List?
Don’t know who Craig is? See his well trafficked craigslist, which recently got RSS feeds. Speaking of which, Craig appears to have rolled his own blog software and it doesn’t look like he’s added a feed yet, at least not one linked on the home page.
OK, I just looked at the page source (he is going to drive the standards people crazy! … very 1994-ish markup, including unclosed <p> tags). No RSS feed to be seen. Also, it looks like his style sheet reference is to a local href (file:///C|/ Documents%20and%20Settings/ Administrator/ My%20Documents/ Zaudhaus/ clients/ cotsr/ root/ src/ style.css, though I inserted spaces so as not to force a too-long line on my page).
Looks like Craig is interested in the political potential of the Net, so far inviting help in an anti-spam legislative effort and saying

I think people are going to be successful using the Net to:

  • change the electoral process: the next US president will be determined by how we use the Net
  • change the legislative process: people can let legislators know how they feel, overwhelming the influence of lobbyists, etc.
  • change the nature of corporate culture: decision making should include the social and moral consequences of business decisions

and he “plan[s] to point out sites that really seem to be getting stuff done.”






2 responses to “Craig of Craigslist now blogging (yea!)”

  1. Craig Newmark Avatar

    You’re right re the HTML, I wanted to get something up fast, and had a friend do something quick and dirty.
    I’ll need to choose blogging software, and whatever I choose will have relationship ramifications.

  2. Jeff's Radio Weblog Avatar

    Craig of Craigslist now blogging (yea!)

    Christian Crumlish : Craig Newmark’s Blog , aka “craig blog,” is up and running.