Dave: The web needs OPML directories

Is that a revolution in your pocket or are you just sporting an OPML directory renderer?






One response to “Dave: The web needs OPML directories”

  1. Adrian Mandel Avatar
    Adrian Mandel

    I need assistance with developing a DMOZ-like directory but with a very limited, tiny subject such as “ticket agencies” or “charter boats”. I need to spider search engines, extract data, create a data base, install an internal search and a form for new URL submissions. Can you help?
    [Editor’s note: While this sounds like a semi-reasonable comment, the linked url makes it clear that it is really just an unsolicited ad. You can buy ads at RFB by using Google AdSense to pay for ads placed using the exact same keywords you used to find this comment form! I have removed the URL and banned it, but am leaving this comment, stripped of its referrent, as an object lesson.]