'Dead' to sell instant morning-after

‘Dead’ to sell instant morning-after shows. (via Sue W.)

Welcome to an exciting new offering from The Dead. For the upcomingSummer Getaway 2003 tour, the band is printing and selling CD recordings from most of the tour concerts as soon as each respective
concert is over. The concert recordings, called “Official Concert
Recording Series”, are available for purchase over this website as
well as at most concert venues at the concert.

Our long standing tradition of allowing concert goers to record their
concerts for personal use with their own portable audio equipment
will continue. However, the Official Concert Recording Series are the
only concert recordings authorized for sale by the band. Each concert
recording will consist of high quality soundboard recordings on 3
CDs, mastered by legendary sound engineer Dennis “Wiz” Leonard, and
offered for sale at a base price of $22.- per set. We will also offer
a limited edition commemorative CD “box set” of all the available
concert recordings from the tour. We decided to go with CDs for now
as they are still the most convenient and widely used media for high
quality music recordings.

The concert recordings, for both past and future concerts, can be
ordered over this website. They can also be purchased at most of the
concert venues, from our representatives who will roam the venues.
The reps, or “Roamers”, easily identified by their hats and official
badges, will take orders for the recordings, collect payment ($22
cash only), and issue a receipt on the spot. The orders will be
processed within a few days after each concert and will arrive by
First Class mail in about 7-9 business days. Orders placed at the
concert venue with one of our “Roamers” will be mailed free of
shipping and handling charges. Orders for past concerts will be
shipped within 48 hours.

We are very excited about finally being able to do this. If, as we
believe, the interest is there, and people are pleased with the
service, we will continue to offer this on future tours and events.
Let us know what you think. Post your comments on DeadNetCentral
message board or send your comments to us at






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  1. Jon Avatar

    Does anyone know where I can buy the concert recordings from the Dead’s 2003 Summer Tour. There website no longer offers them.