Did Evan 'disappear' UserLand?

Dave Winer claims that Evan Williams left UserLand off a list of Blogger’s competitors, calling this chilling. In the post Dave refers to, Blogger API Update, the closest thing I can find to any “list of competitors” is in list item 5:

Interoperability. This is a biggie. At least two other major blogging tool and service companies (SixApart and Live Journal) have pledged their support for this new initiative, and we’re working with them (as well as others) to define the spec up-front. This means your tools will be usable by as many people as possible, with minimal effort. And since the API/format will be vendor-neutral, no one’s needs can be more important than users and developers.

If this is what Dave was referring to, it’s hardly a complete list and it specifically mentions those companies that have pledged their support for nEcho. UserLand has not (Dave, tentatively, has), so it wouldn’t belong on this list anyway.
Maybe there was something else in the entry when Dave read it that’s been deleted since? I’ve heard of people editing their blog posts without comment.






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