Diebold story gets legs

I don’t want to turn Edgewise into an all-Diebold-all-the-time weblog, but it seems that if we don’t plug the most obvious risks to election integrity, then any other efforts to make change will be for nothing.
Dan Gillmor reports that Newsweek is now covering the issue:

Steven Levy (Newsweek): Black Box Voting Blues. The best minds in the computer-security world contend that the voting terminals can’t… [Dan Gillmor’s eJournal]

…and Scot Hacker reports of coverage of the (illegally?) leaked Diebold memos on the UC Journalism school’s intellectual property Biplog:

Mary Hodder posted an entry in the J-School’s bIPlog on the leak of certain internal Diebold memos. Diebold is sending cease and desist letters to universities whose students link to said leaks, and Swarthmore is falling for it. What’s really amazing about the memos is what they reveal about the attitude of the company to which our government has given millions of dollars to build voting machines. Choice quote: “If voting could really change things, …” [Birdhouse]