If you don't have a feed, you're not in my blogroll

· Syndication

I’ve been having a devil of a time getting Radio to update the relevant include, so I finally did it manually, and now my blogroll is synchronized with my actual current syndicated-feed subscription list (at least within a few days).
I’m using NetNewsWire as my newsfeed client (and for manually posting links and quotations to various Movable Type and TypePad blogs) and Radio to power my webpage aggregator and to build the publicly viewable Mediajunkie page. Mediajunkie doesn’t reflect every feed. Some are just too noisy or obscure, and others have a policy of not being “final” until 10 pm, so I don’t want to risk auto-reposting content that may be later disavowed.
It was also very hard to get Radio to import my more up-to-date subscriptions even after I exported them as OPML from NetNewsWire. It seemed to import them but then did not update the relevant files for quite some time, finally so after multiple restarts and reboots.
It’s so much easier to subscribe to feeds in NNW. I just drag the XML link directly into the client; in fact, directly into one of my category folders (current categories: Link Chains, Interesting People, Politics and Media, Geeks and Toys, Headlines and Pointers – but none of these show up in the Radio-driven side of things).
I also merged my political subscriptions with my other ones, although some of these didn’t have RSS feeds, and if you don’t have a feed, you’re not in my blogroll.
I still have my blogrolling.com blogrolls set up but I’m not really using them right now, aside from the one for Well bloggers.
I’d like to note to the good people of Backup Brain that they were in my subscriptions all along and have now been restored to my blogroll.
Others once removed have been readded, now that I am calm enough to shake-my-head-and-skip instead of getting riled up, when a bit of flamebait is floated for effect.
Others have fallen by the wayside. My list is too long and unweildy right now. I need better sorting and filtering tools, but it will have to do for now. It’s not easy being a media junkie.