Does Xanga offer RSS?

A reader just sent me a comment looking for a tutorial on how to add RSS to a weblog. I saw from his URL that he is a Xanga user (The Populist), so I went to the Xanga site looking for info about RSS or syndication support and didn’t find any. Does Xanga offer RSS in its basic or premium service?
INSTANT UPDATE: Looks like there is RSS support. To find the RSS feed for a Xanga site, just replace home.aspx with rss.aspx in the URL. So, for example, here is The Populist’s RSS feed.






10 responses to “Does Xanga offer RSS?”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Wow! That was fast.
    Thanks for the RSS feed, now what do I do with it?

  2. Zork Zeno Avatar

    I came up on your tip through a google search. Thanks for the info : now that I can bypass the obnoxious Xanga ads and view their blogs in my aggregator, a whole new realm opens up :-p
    Kudos !

  3. vincent pv Avatar

    i also came across your site from google. THANK YOU for this info.

  4. ralph lee Avatar

    whew. you’re on fire from google for the search “rss xanga”. thanks for the info!

  5. Chris Avatar

    wow, thats great thanks. I found this on Xanga Addons.

  6. Avatar

    Xanga’s RSS feeds

    Christina Crumlish’s post Does Xanga offer RSS? @ Radio Free Blogistan was the first link when I Googled rss xanga. Now I can get updates of my sister’s Xanga blog without having to actually try to read her blog….

  7. Michael Greene Avatar

    I wrote a little PHP script that converts Xanga’s RSS feeds into better-formed XML, if you’re having trouble viewing them in your feed reader (for instance, Firefox‘s livebookmarks). A working implementation of it can be used at [obviously inserting someone’s Xanga name in the appropriate place].

  8. xian Avatar

    Excellent work, Michael!

  9. mm Avatar

    okay, here is a small program that takes advantage of the RSS xanga feed. Not sure how useful it is, but for what its worth, here is the link in case anybody is interested:

  10. Josh Staiger Avatar

    I wrote a similar script back in September that corrects the formatting of Xanga RSS so that it works with aggregators such as NetNewsWire.
    Works similarly:
    In addition, you get a simple front-end UI if you just go to:
    It’s written in Perl and the code is freely available under the MIT license.
    A little documentation is available here:
    Micheal Huynh also has a PHP port: