Don't believe the hype

I’ve been noticing a new metablog in the referrer logs for RFB lately, Weblog Hype. While our five person staff here is coasting through the end-of-year holiday season with a scant few posts per week, “the Editor” at Hype is doing a great job of covering weblog news left and right.
For example, I opened my email this morning to find an exciting announcement from Ben Trott about Movable Type 3.0 (as well as the fact that Atom feeds are now included in the incremental 2.65 upgrade), and planned to blog something about it later today. Weblog Hype beat me to the punch:

There’s a couple of pretty important announcements coming from the Six Apart team just before the holidays. First, due to a security issue with Movable Type’s XML-RPC server, it’s recommended that all current users upgrade to version 2.65, now available on the MT site. There are a few other additions in this upgrade, but the security fix is the most important.

They also announced some features to be included in the forthcoming version 3.0 of MT. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features:

  • Comment registration
  • New API hooks for developers
  • User interface rebuilt using CSS
  • Support for the Atom API
  • Mobile device support

They also point out that they’re still hiring.

In the spirit of leveraging free newsfeed content, I’ve already added this blog to the list of metablogs whose headlines get syndicated in our sidebar here.
By the way, another interesting metametablog I’ve noticed recently is Bloghorrea (though I’d have spelled it Blogorrhea if it were up to me). The sidebars alone of that blog are worth the visit (“My other blog is your mom”) – the site is self-described thusly:

Blogitty Blog Blog Blog. More blogs than you can shake a stick at. If you could, you’d probably start a blog called “Stickshaker,” or “Stickblog” or something just as stupid as the title you already have.






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