Don't buy this book

Doing a little ego-surfing the other day I found my name on an unfamiliar blog. Turns out it was an item listing books about blogging with a link to my (since-canceled) book. (Note: the title was going to be The Hidden Power of Blogging, not The Hidden Power of Blogs, but whatever.) It seems that once the ISBN was set up the wheels were in motion to list the book at Amazon. Don’t buy it! It’s not coming out, at least not in that form. (For that matter, don’t buy my mythical book on Ami Pro from 1994 or my mythical book Access the Best of the Internet from 1996.)
I may be turning the book into an online course and I may be publishing it as an e-book (since I wrote most of it before the axe fell). If so, I will naturally announce and promote those editions here. Stay tuned.