Google 'disappearing' UserLand?

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A while back I took Dave Winer to task when he complained that Ev Williams was “disappearing” UserLand by not citing Radio as a major competitor to Blogger. In that context, I didn’t feel that Evan was obliged to rattle off an exhaustive list. However, today Dave is pointing to some evidence that Google is actively filtering Radio (and Manila) out its directory listings of weblog applications. Without a good explanation, this smells pretty crummy and will if anything tend to make people more suspicious of Google’s subjective manipulation of its listings and results.

Here’s Dave’s latest update on the issue (I’d include a permalink to the Scripting News item, but I’m getting it out of my NetNewsWire aggregrator on the only link provided there is the link to Brian Carnell’s weblog):

Seth Dillingham posted a pointer showing that Radio UserLand is actually on the DMOZ list for weblog tools, so Google modified the list to take Radio out. This is surprising. [Scripting News]