Happy birthday to me

Wow, I don’t seem 39. When did I get so old?
This also marks the sixth anniversary of my first blog post (except we didn’t call them blogs back them, you young whippersnappers – it was more like an online diary). I can’t really claim six straight years of blogging, though, because there were two hiatuses (hiati?) in there of around a year each, circa 1999 and 2001.
I was smart to start on my birthday, though, because it means I don’t have to keep track of a separate “blogiversary.”
We had a party last weekend when the insane heatwave was still on. The last big birthday party I had was ten years ago. I now have a tradition of saluting the ‘9 year of each decade. Big difference in ten years. The party was a lot less rowdy, a lot more about quiet conversation and a lot less about loud music. One similarity is that each time I forgot to or was unable to get around to taking any pictures.
Now the weather has cooled off, thank goodness. There were even clouds in the sky again yesterday. What a relief. I don’t do well with the hot, dry east winds.






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  1. kelly Avatar

    Ahhh. A fellow Scorpio. Happy Birthday!