Help with comment permalinks

· Editorial

OK, I wanted the comments block on the home page to link to recent comments “filchyboy on Is linking like sex” etc. The problem is that the comment links just go to the entry and don’t scroll down automatically to the specific comment’s permalink.
I was poking around the templates documentation and I saw that I need to concatenate that CommentLinkID or something to the end of the individual entry URL but I’d rather copy a working example than figure out for myself what padding is needed if any, etc.
So then I thought I’d look at the individual entry template on the premise that it’s already putting permalink “name” attributes on the comments and that I could steal the formatting from that, but it appears that my individual archive template isn’t including comment permalinks (correct me if I’m wrong), so I need help with two thing:

  1. Add comment permalinks to the permanent archive page
  2. Fix the comment links on the home page to go directly to the indicated comment

These are both what I would consider interim fixes, maintenance to the existing templates that I don’t want to hold up in the process of developing new templates.